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Fibaro Wall Plug FGWPE-101




Product Overview:


Fibaro Wall Plug, with power metering feature, is an intelligent, ultimate plug & play, most sophisticated, extremely compact, remotely controlled outlet adapter. This highly functional wall plug can be applied wherever there's a need to control electrical devices of maximum 2,5 kW power output, while monitoring power consumption in a convenient and maintenance-free way. Crystal LED ring informs about the current load of the connected appliance by visually changing its colour.





Product Highlights:


• Current and historical power consumption measuring,


• Power consumption level visualisation with the use of crystal, colour changing, LED ring,


• Controlled through other Fibaro devices or any Z-Wave controller,


• Microprocessor controlled,


• Smallest device of the type in the world.





Technical Data:


• Power Source 110 - 230 V AC ±10% 50/60Hz,


• Rated operational output voltage: 11A/230V AC 50/60Hz - continuous load,


• Power consumption: up to 0,8W,


• Output power for resistive loads: 2,5 kW continuous load,


• In accordance with UE standards: EN 55015 (noise) EN 60669-2-1 (operational safety)


• Circuit temperature limit: 105°C,


• Operational temperature: 0 - 40 °C,


• For use with sockets

(Compatible with each EU plug: - CEE 7/16 - max load. 2,5A; - CEE 7/17 - max load 16A;- and dual type plugs E/F),


• Radio protocol: Z-Wave,


• Radio frequency: 868,4 MHz EU,


• Antenna range: up to 50 m outdoors / up to 30 m indoors (depending on building materials),


• Dimensions (D x H): 43 x 65 mm. 2012 © Copyright